randomly ranting

15 Apr

I enjoy watching movies. all sort of movies. sometimes even the schlock. not often but sometimes. As I grow older, I find I’ve less patience for watching new films with other people. I’m not strictly anti-social or selfish. (AKA  a film critic.  I kid, I kid). but I am finding I have less patience for those without patience in the story( this encompasses film,tv,books and pretty damn near anything else with story). The story will begin asking small questions in order to get you interested in the character/story/setting.( why did he make that face when his cellphone rang? how are they surviving in a vacuum? etc.)

Most stories will end up giving you some sort of answer,not necessarily one we like, but an answer none the less. and for those that don’t, them’s the breaks.  I was watching an older movie with some friends who had never seen it. and about fifteen minutes into the film an inane cavalcade of stupid questions came up. all dealing with story plot (that promised to be answered later) or with perceived production flaws. I keep running into this situation as the years pass. less people seem to have the attention span for anything but Micheal Bay flicks. while these are at times enjoyable as straight popcorn theater, they hardly whet the appetite for character development or plot.

Obviously the movie watching public aren’t all twitchy teenagers suffering from ADHD. (though I’m sure many summer blockbuster have these very patrons to thank.) but sometimes it really feels like it. Almost as if  portions of the populace no longer have the ability to just watch a movie. To simply block out all the vapid Bullshit around them and FOCUS.

(Actual Quote as a man getting shot isn’t gouting blood: Well,that wasn’t very realistic!  No shit. it’s a goddamn movie. it’s fake. suspension of disbelief only works if you let it.)

no distractions. no text messages,games,internet, strippers or tequila (admittedly, the last two make watching the star wars prequels much less painful.) There are many movies I enjoy despite not being the absolute best. some are a little hokey; other have low budgets but awesome stories,great characters or neat ideas. I feel that a small negative aspect of a movie should not completely kill its entertainment value. there are of course movies that from every angle seem like the story equivalent of an enema executed by Freddy Krueger; The movies that have a budget far too large to be classified as B, These are the movies that should rightly invite derision, at least to a certain degree. Time and place for everything. I guess it comes down to being able to tell have the patience for a movie be it straight popcorn fluff or something deeper, darker and far more cerebral.

(On the other hand. Uwe Boll. what the fuck. no more. please. just retire somewhere with the mountains of cash and/or cocaine you’ve made from your intentional abuse of audiences around the world.)

But if you happen to be one of those people who feel the overwhelming need to call out anything while watching(why’s he doing that?!!? that couldn’t happen! no one’s that strong/tall/quick/gangsta!) If you would do a favor to everyone else around you, it would be greatly appreciated. take your phone, walk outside,

and call someone who gives a shit about what you’re saying

because I don’t.

okay. rant over.


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One response to “randomly ranting

  1. Arack

    March 13, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    nicely said sir, nicely said


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