The Rapscallion

22 Apr


My first real entry into the flash fiction challenge.

Challenge:Travel.  1000 words.

the things that make a journey memorable are often the things that interrupt it.


The queen stares at me. I stare back and light my cigarette. she jabbers something and makes a gesture with her dagger. I wag my finger.
“none of that now.”
I smack the dagger out of her hand and shove her to the floor. I point at her to stay put, and do a quick once over of the joint. Not much jewelry and the place stank to high heaven. after about five minutes I come up with a gold crown,necklaces and an assortment of shiny baubles. Not much, but it’d have to do.
I hear a rustle of silk as the queen gets back to her feet. I drop the loot into my bag and pull up my sleeve. I turn as she rushes me. With the same damn dagger no less. I should’ve picked it up. She yells and lunges just as I push the button on my Watch. A flash of sparks and I’m gone.New dimension, new opportunities, new loot. Pain flares up from my leg. I look to find a tiny gash in my thigh. She had gotten a little too close for comfort.

I look about. Imperial America?  Hope they speak English in this one. I take a stroll. Turning a corner I see an androgynous human in a white spandex suit talking to a hologram;looking up I see cars whizzing through the air. Crap, high-tech civilization; they’re always a danger. If they notice me here, they can probably figure out how my dimension hopping doohickey works. I prefer not to give my targets that much of an edge. I start to hit the button again, when I hear a scream. Two brutish thug types are pulling a neon haired woman into a building. a quick glance tells me ‘Spandex either hasn’t heard or is just ignoring it. damn it. I look at my Watch, I’ve got an hour of run time.
I rush towards the building just as the steel door begins to slide closed; I give it a burst of speed and leap through the closing gap. I tumble to a stop and pull myself to my feet.The screaming has suddenly stopped.        I look up to find the woman and the two thugs now both staring at me. The bearded one snarls and his cyborg-eyed companion grins. The women pulls out some sort of pistol. Unfortunately, I’m the intended target.
“Wording Grotzin.”
The oldest trap in the dimensions. and I fall for it hook,line and sinker. or hook,line and sucker?.
“damn. if I ain’t the stupidest bastard here”
“you’s gitten creddy’s?” She screeches.
“well, second stupidest.”
Cyborg-Eye pulls my backpack off and rifles through. He turns the bag upside down and my lovely gold spills across the floor.
“e’s jus’ baggin geek stuff.”
I look at her and slowly edge my hand for the button on my watch.
“your local dialect sounds like a rusty razor blade covered in shit.”
“wot’s wit’ ‘is tokken?”
Neon-Hair, presses the gun against my temple.
“yous tink yous tuff? I’z grinda yous rite ‘ere”
The bearded thug grabs my wrist and pulls the Watch off, the strap breaks. I grab for it and Cyborg-Eye slaps me with the gentle touch of a falling mountain. my head rocks back. the world spins and I become better acquainted with the floor. A brief second later as consciousness returns, I look up to see Neon Hair pushing random buttons on the watch. Cyborg Eye has wrapped some sort of wire around my wrists. Neon-Hair jabs a button and blue sparks flash around her and she disappears. Both meat-heads cry out in alarm. Cyborg-Eye grabs my collar and pulls me into the air.
my feet dangle above the concrete and for the briefest second I think I can can take him. thankfully that second passes.
“She’s probably in some sort of ecclesiastical orgy temple. or something.”
As I begin thinking up my next smart ass remark that may get me beaten into a fine red paste, Neon shows up again in an underwhelming splash of light. She’s bloody,bruised and there seems to be a small reptilian creature hanging from her hand by its teeth. She shrieks and waves her arms around wildly, trying to throw the tiny carnivore across the room.
Little bugger just clung there, waving back and forth like a tiny green flag.                                                            I burst out laughing. Cyborg drops me and runs to help his companion. Beardy stands indecisively between us. He’s torn on whether to beat my laughing ass or help his glitzy headed strumpet. Lucky for me he chooses the girl. The two gather around their sobbing hussy trying to strangle the scaled terror into submission.
I stop laughing and take a deep breath.
“Activate Voice Protocol Alphonse-Tartarus!”
The trio of reprobates look up at me simultaneously just before they disappear in a burst of blue sparks. minutes pass.
I wait for an eternity. then a dim flicker and the Watch clatters to the floor. sans passengers.
I slice the wire with my pocket knife and reclaim both my gold and my watch.
Never again.No more helping. Doesn’t matter if they’re drowning. I won’t even bother to piss on ’em. not my dimension not my problem. simple as that.
I reprogram new parameters. less deadly this time.
I curse at the empty building and hit the button.
“the hell with this place.”
The sparks fly and a rush of overwhelming heat hits me. The air is choking and my vision clears to a massive apartment building on fire, people look on as the flames roar towards the heavens. Then comes a noise.
“-My daughter! Please, someone!”
I reach for the button again. my finger stops. I glance at the crowd.No one moves.                                               No one speaks.                                                                                                                                                        They just stare.                                                                                                                                                      The mother sobs.
I drop my bag and sprint towards the inferno.



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4 responses to “The Rapscallion

  1. BJ Kerry

    April 24, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    hello flash fiction virgin! Welcome to the party.

    • rccross

      April 25, 2012 at 6:47 am

      heh, still can’t believe i popped my flash fiction cherry.

  2. darleneaubol

    April 25, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    A thief with a heart of gold; lots of potential here.

  3. louisesor

    April 25, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Very good story. I enjoyed it. Can’t believe you stayed away so long. Welcome : )


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