shaking my fist at the tv and shouting as if it can hear me.

14 Jul

I’ve been rather busy of late. I haven’t posted since….310 BC. hrm. I think that might be an old calendar.
anyhoo, I’ve ripped some spare time from the continuum to drop some blogdacity onto the internets. This one won’t be long but, It does feel good to be typing something other than my WiP.
I’ve been keeping watch on the presidential debates halfheartedly.
I’ve considered the candidates and looked at how they handle specific issues. after much  deliberation and even more research I’ve decided the next president of the USA should be Skynet. Now, I know that most people (specifically “human” people.) think this may be a bad idea, but hear me out.
*Health Care: the state of a human’s health is very important to Skynet.
*Global Warming: meet Nuclear Winter.
*The 99%: whether rich,poor or middle class, Skynet treats everyone equally. (except John Connor.)
*The 1%: This percentage represents the remainder of the human race. now it’s 0.09%.
and again 0.05% and falling! More elbow room for everybody!
*All other important issues – See Global Warming.

Seriously though, the amount of pandering towards potential voters and the bile aimed at perceived enemies has become almost detestable.
( Obama is a Nazi! Romney eats babies! The conservatives want to arm everyone with nuclear weapons! liberals want to sell our freedom to France! The Lotus-Penguin Clan is the weakest of all ninja clans! etc.) A great deal of this can be attributed to the popular news networks and their heavy handed reporting of ANY political event.
I flip through the channels and begin to feel as if I’m actually watching professional wrestling sans the Piledriver.
The sad part being that we put up with the same demagoguery four years ago and we’ll put up with it again in four years- and four years after that- and four years after that. not after that though, 2028 is when the great Hyper American Space War causes the American Rupee to become worthless and we
sell out to McWalmartistan.

go read comic books, because politics rot your brain.

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