The Dance

25 Nov

Some say love is like falling. Not for me.
It’s more like a bare knuckle fight with a old-school pro twice your size.
Like a fight, you think you’ve got the chutzpah,
Like love you think your immune.
Let me tell ya somethin: you don’t. you ain’t.

He steps up, I step up.
She she flirts, I wink.
Open flurry, I’m doin fine.
A smooth line, she laughs.
I feint to the right, he’s too slow.
A probing question turned aside with banter
Faster than I thought, can’t bob out of this
A shift of her bare shoulder
A jab to my face, disoriented.
She leans in, the scent of lavender.
I harden my defense, protect the face
I harden my defense, protect the heart.
An uppercut, my mouth fills with blood.
A laugh, my stomach fills with butterflies

The room spins

He throws an unexpected haymaker from the left.
She says she always thought I was handsome.

He’s closer than I thought.
She’s closer than I thought.

My guard is down
I’ve been struck.
The Hammer of Thor,
The Thunderbolt of Zeus
The Sword of Archangel Michael
My own personal Rapture.
My own goddamn Apocalypse.
my brain reels.

The room spins.

and I fall.


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2 responses to “The Dance

  1. daniellemorganart

    November 6, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    I remember this.

    • rccross

      November 6, 2016 at 11:19 pm

      I remember this as well. I never thought I’d have to get back in the ring again .


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